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The World of Coffee, Rimini

Ciao a tutti. Come siete tutti? Dove si trova la piscina?

Italian, it’s a piece of cake. When in doubt say “Prego!” along with a few overly dramatic hand gestures. You’ll be fine.

The World of Coffee is here again. With the success of Melbourne now firmly in the rear view mirror it’s time for the coffee roadshow to move to Europe. Marco will be there in force. Our stand at A7 120-121 will have the usual suspects from Marco along with Anne Lunnel as our guest barista.

BRU will be present…

Coffee Brewer

As will JET…

Coffee Brewer

Along with our full range of boilers (over and undercounter)…



While the innovation bar will be in play once again with the Pillar and the Uber Grinder supporting the mighty Splurty.


On our stand the great Tim Wendelboe will be showcasing his coffee on the 10th and running a cupping on the 11th and we’ll be featuring coffee throughout the show from several different roasters:



Huge thanks to everyone supporting our booth. All coffees will be available at all times so make sure you come and grab some.

At these events there’s always one star attraction. The World Barista Championship is happening in the middle of the trade show (Go Pete!) but we reckon that our brew bar is going to steal the show again. The concept, layout and the design is going to be the same as in Nice last year…

Brew bar, coffee

But we’ll be using colour coded KeepCups this year and sticking to a rigid schedule to get through our 16 roasters. It’s going to be hectic, fun and fantastic to be a part of once again.

We’re delighted to be involved with the World Aeropress Championships for the 5th year running and we’ll be there in force to shout on Monika on the night. We’re also delighted to be the equipment sponsors for the World Brewer’s Cup once again. Our grinders will be in use for the duration and there will be Marco speeches at the start and the finish too!

And, of course, there’s going to be a Marco party. Taking into account that coloured bands will be controlling the action at the brew bar we’ve continued the theme for the party.

Pop over to the stand, get yourself a wristband from day one of the show (or even earlier if you offer your help to Cathal and Ray on the brew bar!) and be one of the cool kids. Once you have the wristband make your way here, get the details and be at the Barge for 7.30pm on the 11th. It’s on the seafront but we’d like to avoid a repeat of last year’s skinny dipping fiasco in Nice.

As always keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook in the run up to the event and of course you can always visit our website to view our products.