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SP9 – Part of Marco’s new range of Coffee Brewers

We’ve all been waiting for this since “Splurty” rocked up at HOST and stole the show. Splurty is no more. Meet SP9.

Coffee Brewer

Developed as part of our range of coffee brewers this new product is fun. It’s a single serve brewer with a minimal counter-top footprint and a striking design profile. It’s something that would look perfect in a fine cocktail bar or cutting edge cafe.

Coffee Brewer


SP9 has been in development for over 18 months, and is housed under the umbrella of our “Über Project“, an innovation-led arm of Marco that focuses on exploration and research. It uses our “Pillar technology” to dispense water from a specially designed undercounter energy efficient boiler and is designed to work with several different existing brewing devices from Kalita right through to Chemex. Water pumps up from the specifically designed undercounter boiler into SP9’s recirculation chamber, and is then dispensed onto the coffee bed at volume and timing standards selected by the user.  Incorporating pre-infusion, pulse brewing and unrivalled temperature and volume control, SP9 brews exceptional coffee by the cup, consistently.

Coffee Brewer


SP9 is relatively “simple,” perhaps deceptively so, as the degree of temperature and timing control it offers are the result of complex and carefully considered engineering.

SP9 will be making its formal bow at CATEX in Dublin but will be touring with Marco to Internorga in Hamburg, SCAA in Seattle, LCF in London and beyond. You can tweet us @MarcoBevSystems, get in touch with us on Facebook at or e-mail us ( for your chance to get to know SP9 a little better.

Keep an eye out for “Playtime” SP9’s at upcoming events for your chance to brew your coffee how you like on our new coffee brewer.

Hat tip to the lovely guys at SPRUDGE for their love and support!