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SP9 Finalist Number 2 – The Coffee Apothecary

The Coffee Apothecary - front

We love coffee and we love being the first speciality coffee shop in rural Aberdeenshire. We love surprising people with a delicious coffee and showing them that coffee isn’t always just a bitter caffeine kick. It can be totally delicious and miles removed from anything they have experienced before. We love taking a coffee across to a table in a gorgeous chemex or a stunning decanter and watching the confused expressions change to delight as the coffee awakening begins. Slowly flickering to life through the stages of questioning hesitancy, nervous sampling and arriving finally at the glorious dawn of a riot of flavour and enlightenment that everyone who has already found the world of speciality coffee can’t get enough of.

The Coffee Apothecary - counter

Although we work really hard to ensure that our coffee provides this experience every time and is the best it possibly can be (and, in doing so, doing justice to the whole supply chain’s dedication and hard work, from the farmer to the roaster), there is always another step forward. To us an SP9 speaks of that next step. It speaks of coffee that is even more consistent, efficient and effortless than before. Coffee that delights everyone, even the constantly critically analysing barista, in its’ consistency and ease.

The Coffee Apothecary  - inside

Let’s also be honest. We have all been behind the bar when it has got a bit hectic and there are bits of coffee apparatus all over the place, surrounded by half filled kettles, puddles of hot water, making a brew on the counter with the grounds you have just sprayed everywhere, and customers wondering how making a simple coffee has got so complicated and messy. Let the SP9 grab its cape and come to the rescue!

Author: Jonny Aspden

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