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HOST is over once again. 5 days of hectic activity, fantastic evening entertainment and meeting friends and clients old and new.

We visited the San Siro with colleagues from across the HORECA and coffee world. We partied ourselves silly at Jazz Cafe with friends from the WCE, Sprudge, Modbar and more. We had Ben Kaminsky and Anne Lunnel as our superstar baristas with Morten Wennersgard running a cupping with his Nordic Approach coffee. Many thanks to all for helping to make our innovation bar such a success.


Speaking of the innovation bar the pillar was back but the star turn was definitely given over to our new concept: Splurty.



It caused quite a stir and we are eternally grateful to Sprudge for their help in launching it.

As usual we had our full range of water boilers and coffee brewers on show but there was one coffee brewer in particular that caught the eye.



The Marco JET has been the topic of much coverage (thanks again Sprudge peeps) and David has already blogged about it on these pages. Suffice to say it made great coffee, was the topic of much discussion and looked beautiful in it’s corner.

Many thanks to everyone for joining us and helping to make this the best HOST yet. We’ll do it all again in 2 years but next up for us is Food and Bev Live in Dublin where we will have a new Irish Barista Champion.

Thanks once again to everyone that visited.