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The Nordic Barista Cup

Hi folks, the NBC is almost upon us.

The Nordic Barista Cup (being held this year in Oslo) is a team event competition for teams from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Running alongside the 3 day competition is a series of lectures/seminars/tastings/cuppings from some of the most interesting people in coffee or related fields (eg wine, food etc), as well as a rather full social calendar.

The lecture series is arguably the main event, and the competition could be viewed more as the interesting side show these days.” Marco are sponsoring the NBC again this year and our Undercounter range will be supplying the cupping sessions while our Ecoboiler T10 will be supplying the brew bars. Details of the competition can be seen here.

From a marketing perspective the tag lines of companies and events always intrigues me and the tag line of this event is no different. Be together, act together, learn together. It sounds like something of a love-in but credit where it’s due the organisers do seem to be making an effort to create an atmosphere where everyone from the coffee world can meet, share ideas, and help to develop coffee through cooperation. Sound cheesy? It is. But it’s to be admired as these events can be rather commercial and they are heavily pushing their mission statement and trying to live by it so credit must go them for that.

Can’t get enough of the NBC? Well you can read on here and see the full list of speakers here. If you’re going out please say hi to Paul who’ll be the sole representative from Marco this year. Also photos are most welcome so please tag @marcobeveragesystems if you’re tweeting so we can keep an eye on things from Dublin. Enjoy if you’re going!