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The MANE event

Our US partners La MArzocco have been a part of MANE for the last three years and we are delighted to add our support to this years event. MANE has really become a model industry event with a keen focus on sharing knowledge and learning within the coffee community. It is well positioned as a neutral event that is not associated with a specific group or brand allowing for greater freedom of expression from speakers and lecturers. MANE refers to an older regional designation for BGA barista competitions – Mid-Atlantic New England.

This year we are participating by sending a speaker (Mr. David Walsh) and by sending water boilers. It’s a great venue, a great event, a terrific opportunity to engage with US coffee groups in an educational setting. There are about 200 attendees, most of them from the Northeast US, however every year more attendees travel from across the US as well as some European attendees. Sprudge and Barista magazine will also be in attendance.

Our water boilers will be used in demonstrations and classes as their precision is invaluable when demonstrating speciality coffee and their famed reliability allows the presenter(s) to have one less thing to worry about in the run up to their presentation.

Rik Kleinfeldt is running the show and has given me a taste of what we can look forward to: “George Howell will be giving the keynote address on Friday night. We have 4 panel discussions, including an “origin roundtable” with a producer & exporter from Costa Rica, a “coffee trade” panel which explores the nuts and bolts of the green coffee trade and considers direct trade models and what we call the “how did I get here?” discussion, in which coffee pros tell their career stories. We have a number of lectures/cuppings, including a talk by Matt Brown from Cafe Imports about varieties & cultivars and one by Matt Swenson of Dallis Bros Coffee exploring different processing experiments on the farm their parent company in Brazil owns. Scott from La Marzocco will be presenting on the evolution of espresso grinders, Rob Stephen on green grading. We are also pleased to have beta versions of two SCAA classes, Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel and Sensory Skills. We also many hands-on workshops, including espresso extraction, alternative brewing, espresso machine and coffee brewer maintenance and latte art.”

David Walsh will be speaking on Saturday and his topic will be “A discussion regarding energy efficiency and sustainability from an equipment manufacturers’ viewpoint. What is true energy efficiency, what is marketing spin, and what are the myths and falsehoods associated with this topic. Why should the coffee industry care?”

 The full event is Friday and Saturday, September 27th and 28th in Providence, Rhode Island.  More details can be found here.