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Barista Camp 2014

Barista Camp 2014

Europe’s first ever Barista Camp will be held from 5th to 8th October near Athens, Greece and it will offer incredible value for baristas looking to take their skills to the next level.

The Barista Camp is put together by a workgroup of great baristas and coffee professionals, aiming to create the Barista Guild of Europe (BGE). The workgroup is chaired by James Hoffmann, and includes people from different parts of Europe who all have a very strong connection to the barista community. The goal of the BGE is to both aid in the professionalism and development of baristas around Europe, along with providing events and opportunities to come together and be part of a community.

The first European Barista Camp provides great value for baristas, whether only starting out in the coffee industry or looking for the next step in their career. Participants will have the opportunity to choose between 3 different tracks of SCAE’s Coffee Diploma System modules, with optional certification. In addition to these training sessions, Barista Camp offers lectures and tastings focusing on a variety of cutting-edge subjects. A beach resort setting and exciting social activities in the evenings will help baristas relax and connect with new friends from all over Europe.

Our involvement comes in the form of support. We are extremely excited about the potential that the camp has and, as such, we are proud to sponsor the first ever barista camp here in Europe.

Our coffee brewer, the Marco JET, will be onsite…

Coffee Brewer, coffee brewers, marco JET



As will the ever popular, energy efficient and reliable water boiler, the Marco T20

water boiler, water boilers, ecoboiler T20


We’ll also have staff onsite to help out but, really, we’re going to take a backseat and watch the camp take shape as being in on the ground level at this sort of thing is what it’s all about.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts in the coming weeks as we’ll be posting news and images from the camp.