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Bonjour mon petit amis. Comment allez vous? Tres bien?

That’s about as far as my French goes unfortunately. Although I have been known to ask for a small tomato when I was actually looking to rent a car. Anyhoo…

The World of Coffee is here again. With the massive success of Melbourne now firmly in the rear view mirror it’s time for the coffee roadshow to move to Europe. Marco will be there in force. Our stand at A31 will have the usual suspects from Marco along with Thomas Lehoux as our guest barista.

We will also be bringing the BRU to go along with our manual brew bar on our stand so it will be a first opportunity for many to sample the coffee made in our brand new brewer. Our core ranges will also be there so if you find yourself with a few minutes, pop down and have a chat and a good cup of coffee with us.

At these events there’s always one star attraction. The World Latte Art is happening in the middle of the trade show but we reckon that our brew bar is going to steal the show again. The concept, layout and the design is going to be the same as in Vienna last year…

With a slight tweak to the central column. The communication of what’s in the cup is also changing to align with what we did in Melbourne…

And we think that it’s going to be hugely successful.

Pete Williams from 3fe and John Gordon from Square Mile Coffee will be in charge and they have some fantastic ideas to update the brew bar and make it even better than last year.

And, of course, there’s going to be a Marco party…

You can find the pub here¬†and here’s hoping that we have even half the fun that we did last year.

Onwards to France!

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