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WOC Vienna – Effiziente österreichischen Spaß.

Hi folks, We thought it might be pertinent to have  a little ramble about our experience at the World of Coffee Vienna 2012. For those of you who don’t speak German (and are too lazy to use Google Translate) the title translates as Efficient Austrian Fun. No fun that was not scheduled was had. But luckily we’re good at being fun. First of all, thanks to everyone that helped out, especially our superstar Baristas Charles and Anne.  Here they are working hard and showcasing our wondrous Pillar which was a huge hit. There are too many people to list but thanks to everyone at WDisplay that helped out with the build, everyone who loaned us stuff, worked with us, visited the stand, visited the Marco brew bar, took pictures etc… And thanks a million to everyone at the Look Bar for helping us put together the insanity that was the Marco Thursday night party. Expected attendance: 200. Actual: 600+. Yipes. I have a before and after picture of the bar, I’m opting only to use the before! Great place, great staff. Let’s just not talk about the match. And now to the event itself. It was my first event with Marco and the term organised chaos comes to mind. We landed on Monday morning and went straight to the event centre. Monday was spent building the Marco Brew Bar so that it went from living in David’s imagination…. To being a reality… It was a storming success and thanks a million to all the Volunteers that helped out. The design of the cup stickers detailed the journey the coffee had taken to being in your hand. It was a neat way of showing how far each cup of coffee has to go before reaching the coffee equivalent of Nirvana (Your stomach). So here’s a pictorial tribute to each of the coffees and their respective designs. Massive thanks to all the suppliers who helped us out with the coffees. And thanks to all! On Tuesday it was time to move on to the Marco stand. A showcase for all our products, two bars for our Superstar baristas to use, a haven for Kimberleys, Mikados and Purple Snacks (Biscuits for those of you not in the know) and a place to come, sit, relax and chat. It was a very long day but the soundtrack from the WBC inspired us and eventually it ended up looking like this. I was going to do a little montage  of the stand coming together but I thought there were too many photos by far so far. So here’s the idea: We moved onto Wednesday and Thursday then still standing and having been joined by our sales team and our esteemed directors Paul and Drewry joined us for a time too. The stand was an absolute hive of activity and the Uber and the Pillar were provoking tons of conversation. Not that there was any need to encourage further chat we brought out the Guinness. Pints were had and a it was a good time for all. Thursday night was the Marco party night in the Look Bar. As Drewry pointed out, it went viral. At one stage I was having a heart failure as I thought the entire Conference Centre was going to show up. Luckily only 4 times as many people as we expected showed up. PHEW! It was an epic night, thanks to all who came and everyone who made it possible. Shame about the football. On to Friday and it was exit stage left for myself but I heard that Colin did us all proud on his way to 3rd on the WBC and that the show wound down nicely. The Friday night party sounds like it was absolutely crazy but it would be career suicide to post the photos of my Marco colleagues after they’ve had one too many beers…… Yep, that’d be a bad idea. David’s off the Nordic Barista Cup soon so we’ll keep you updated with all the news from there. Take it handy.