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I have been meaning to outline the Uber Project’s plans for 2010. I feel compelled to get it done before February descends upon us all and leaves us mired in 2010 proper. This post will hopefully answer a few frequently posed queries and force me to set out some deliverables for the project this year. UBER BOILER IS LAUNCHED – REALLY I apologise if this bit is somewhat salesy, but people are continuously asking me if the Uber Boiler is available, despite the post about the official launch last October. It is typically on a 4-6 week lead time – more on prices/discount structures etc. from WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN UBER BARISTA AND AN UBER CUPPER? Both are aesthetically identical. The original Uber Boiler as presented had an operational capacity of 1.5-2.0 litres, as it was originally intended for a brew-and-serve cycle in a cafe environment. It became clear quite quickly that the Uber Boiler had great potential as a cupping tool but the 2.0 litres capacity was limiting. We decided to produce an Uber Cupper with a 6.0 litre capacity to meet cuppers’ needs. [caption id="attachment_298" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Current Uber Boiler Aesthetic"]Current Uber Boiler Aesthetic[/caption]                       We have since realised the 6.0 litre unit is suitably compact to be used as a brew-and-serve unit for cafes with the added bonus of increased temperature stability the larger volume yields when refilling in a cafe environment. WHAT DOES ONE NEED TO INSTALL AN UBER BOILER? The Uber Boiler is an all-in-one unit which can be dropped into a cutout of 195mm x 410mm. The physicality is best illustrated thus or download it here: Uber Boiler Physicality         Specification – 220-240V and plumbed in mains water supply with either plumbed drain or bucket. WHAT’S NEXT? We will continue the design evolution to improve the user experience, which we expect to unveil at the WBC in London in June. If there is stuff you’d like included, e-mail or post a comment here. WHAT ABOUT THE UBER GRINDER? The Uber Grinder is available also with burrs cut specifically by Ditting, further to this post. Ditting have cone some amazing research to come to the burr spec. When they clear what I can make public, I’ll post about it   – it’s pretty good stuff. Lead time at the moment is 6-8 weeks. SHAMELESS REQUEST In 2010, we are looking for Uber partners to join the Uber Project. Partners will hopefully input to the future product evolution and in turn sell and support the Uber Boiler, Uber Grinder and come what may in different territories around the world. Contact WHERE WILL UBER APPEAR IN 2010? Jan          Ireland – Opening of @3FE – already finished                  Greece – Horeca Expo – already finished! March   Germany Internorga  April    Ireland – Irish Barista Championships                 America  SCAA Event Annaheim June     London  WBC Hope January didn’t hurt too much. Happy rest of 2010 to all.

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