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There has been lots said and as yet unsaid about the major event that was the coming together of WBC 2010 and the Caffe Culture exhibition (same bed- different dreams).
brew bar front I want to post a quickee about the WBC Brew Bar hosted by our goodselves at the show. First and foremast a huge nod of thanks to Cindy Chang for listening and going for it. In Atlanta 2009, the brew bar was a small station with one uber and unspecified coffees. This year, I wanted the Brew Bar to feature some of the finest coffees on the planet, made available through a myriad of new, old and interesting brew methods. Through the excellent prodding and probing of Cindy and Laura Lee, we got some of the finest roasters and brewers at the Brew Bar, all served by our own Uber Grinder, Uber Boilers and Ecoboilers. brew bar coffee Thankfully, all reviews I have read (to date, gulp) have been very positive, not least due to the excellent addition of the 3rd World Aeropress Competition, hosted by Tim Varney and Tim Wendelboe. [caption id="attachment_499" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="I had a blast judging the WAC with Anette Moldvaer and Tim Wendelboe, amongst others (pic robbed from Fresh Ground!)"]I hada blast judging the WAC with Anette Moldvaer and Tim Wendelboe, amongst others (pic robbed from Fresh Ground!)[/caption] However I have a gripe and apology. The gripe is the craziness of the 3 days meant brews weren’t necessarily dialled in properly all the time. The dearth of volunteers meant being under-resourced. Consequently, quality baristas behind the bar were scarce. The excellent Faith Ortiz really did a wonderful job marshalling troops, serving the hoards and training eager volunteers who lacked some brewing knowledge. (You gotta have Faith). Don’t read this wrong, we had some superb baristas, just not enough of them. I also love the fact that newbee volunteers got a hands-on session with some of the finest baristas around.
Brew Bar Kit
Brew Bar Kit
The apology is firstly to the roasters (and by extension the farmers)- I know for the most part your coffee was treated well anf brewed well. If it wasn’t so all the time, please understand the underlying positivity behind the endeavour.
The apology is secondly to those who may have received a bad brew. I was culpable myself a few times, jumping behind the Brew Bar without dialling in and winging a brew. Sincere thanks to Michael Elvin and Paul Radin for serious help on the fit-out. Overall I loved it and hopefully we can make it all happen again next year. For aybody who came by, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. The Brew Bar Booklet can be downloaded here.

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