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The final burr-set. Well, if anything is really final, that is! The final burrset for now, shall we say. Those who have followed the Uber Project will be aware of the Uber Ginder. For those who don’t kow what I’m blathering on about all relevant links are at the bottom of this post. [caption id="attachment_452" align="alignright" width="226" caption="Probably the best burrset for brewed coffee in the world!"]Probably the best burrset for brewed coffee in the world![/caption] The final burrset:
  • Based on a standard Mahlkonig Tanzania/Ditting 805 80mm burrset.
  • Uses magnetic fixings so no screw holes to trap grinds/oils/goo.
  • Custom grind profile for brewed coffee (maximised peak at 750/800 microns)
  • Optimised glass-pearl blasting to retain tightest bell-curve possible.
  • Titanium plated for long life.
  • Awesome!
The final grind profile. [caption id="attachment_453" align="alignleft" width="430" caption="The Red is the final profile achieved"]The Red is the final profile achieved[/caption] Come see and taste at Booth E105 at Caffe Culture or at the WBC Brew Bar By Marco, which is going to be a barista’s playground. More on that next week. Links to previous Uber Grinder stuff: 1.                   The Exploration: April 2009 – The first questioning of which grinder to use with the Uber Boiler. 2.                   The Taste Research: September 2009 – Where we ‘designed our perfect grind using taste as the arbiter. 3.                   The Science Bit: February 2010 – Messing with different burrs and why the elimination of fines is crucial. 4.                   The Proof:  April 2010 – Charting all burr experiments to find the best burr. 5.                   The Specification: go to end of this link to download the Uber Grinder spec sheet.

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