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I wanted to post a short video of the Über Boiler in action for those who are not quite sure what it does or how it does it. Mainly the video demonstrates how the barista can get cup by cup variation with tight precision over the key brew factors:

  • Coffee to Water Ratio
  • Grind profile – with a little help from Mahlkonig’s Tanzania.
  • Water temperature
  • Contact time

I think of particular interest will be the precision on temperature delivery on the French Press (less than 0.1°C variation) and on Chemex (less than 0.3°C variation over a 3.5 minute pour).

However, as a barista-driven machine, I also want all to see what could be seen as deficiencies of this manually driven, rather than automatically selected operation, being–

  • Delay in temp-read out when boost is pressed (approx 10 seconds).
  • Overshoot in temperature once boost is released (approx 1.4°C).

Enough talk, take less than 4 minutes, have a look and enjoy a perfect pop song! Please e-mail or leave your comments. If you’re going to the WBC in Atlanta, please drop by Intelligentsia’s booth or the WBC Brew Bar, where the Über Boiler will be in action. I would love to get feedback.

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