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We are happily participating in what is very simply a wonderful, innovative and brave initiative in speciality coffee – Coffee Common at TED2011. But you knew that, ‘cos you all read David’s great post here on that subject. Let’s go back a bit. Not too far. Just a few weeks ago.* At the end of January this year, yes that recently, Alex Bogusky launched COMMON. Common is a shift in thought processes. It’s about community and shared values. So twitter, so new, says you. The difference, as I see it, is the leap to challenge traditional businesses and traditional business models. Power to the consumer always sounds a bit glib. Consumer power handed a brand (read turbo-charged-super-vehicle**) takes out the glib and turns it cool. Kudos to friend and community-colleague, Stephen Morrissey for using this shiny new super-vehicle as the spot-on, nail-on-the-head, right-time-right-place method to launch Coffee Common. The Common slide deck here is  a very well thought out, succinctly communicated embodiment of a value-set which the Uberproject has been trying to uphold (see point 7 here) This deck is just soooooo much more lucid in it’s message delivery. I’m proud to be linked with Coffee Common.*** I’m proud to be common! * here’s the launch post of COMMON ** an Eco-friendly 100% recyclable super-vehicle, natch! *** here’s Bogusky’s take on Coffee common

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