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The Marco website

Over the past few months we have been putting the wheels in motion to launch a brand new website. Over the coming months we will be building an interactive, graphically rich website which will provide much greater support for our partners and customers.

We are working with Matrix internet to build the site itself and with FUSE graphic design to design it. Several elements will be custom built and you won’t see them anywhere else on the web and we are striving to make it as easy to use and as fit for purpose as possible.

The site itself will be available to view in every major language and the page content will change to reflect Marco’s business practices in whatever area you’re logging on from.

Among the new features will be an interactive map to locate our offices, partners and suppliers around the world. Our products pages will be updated also and everything you need to know about our various products will be one click away.

As one of our core values is knowledge we’ve decided to share the cumulative knowledge here at Marco through the new Marcopedia page ¬†which will have wiki style content on all things Marco, tea, coffee, water and more. We will also be sharing factual links from friends of Marco and everyone will be able to contribute to build a huge database. The blog’s image is going to be updated but it’s content and themes will remain the same.

For our partners and suppliers there will be a huge new level of interactivity as everything you need to be a successful Marco partner will be available to view and download at the touch of a button from support to training to our manuals and much more.

There are a few more new elements but we’d like to keep them under wraps for now until launch. One major change we can tell you about is that the Marco sites around the world are now going to be replaced with one single website and it’s new URL will be Once it’s up and running we will be shouting about it so please come and visit as soon as we launch.