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The Marco Golf Outing 2012

Hi folks, I hope you’re all keeping well. We held the Marco Annual Golf Outing on Friday at Newlands Golf Club and it was a roaring success. Firstly, thank you to everyone for participating in the competition and for joining us for dinner afterwards. It’s your participation that makes the day possible. A huge thank you to everyone at Newlands Golf Club for supporting us every step of the way from helping out with some last minute yellow golf balls right up to serving an incredible dinner that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The competition is getting more fierce with every passing year and this year had the closest finish of all with the guys from Costa Coffee pipping Eventhaus on the back nine to land the coveted trophy. Massive congratulations to them. Team Glanbia rounded out the top three but everyone had a great round and there could be a huge shake up of the established order next year if the trends in form continue along their path. Dan Versey from Marco UK won the closest to the pin challenge with an incredible tee shot that beat Chris York’s (Also Marco UK) tee shot by just 2 feet. However, that was the only front that any Marco team challenged on as Marco Ireland, Marco UK and Marco Service ran into bad luck along the way but posted decent enough scores at the end of it all. Costa also had an individual win as Martin walked away with the longest drive competition with a whopping 290 yard drive. He was the clubhouse favourite for that competition as he towered over everyone else and was dressed to impress in a way that is only forgiveable when it goes hand in hand with serious golfing skills. The meal was absolutely superb, the wine went down a treat and everyone had a great night on the whole. The photos are all below. Judge their swings/poses at your leisure. The Golf Outing also saw an opportunity for over 50 people from varying backgrounds and disciplines to sit, chat and have a drink together. As a light-hearted aside here’s what I picked up from the evening chats:
  1. Tec 7 is stronger than adamantium and can be used to stick ANYTHING together.
  2. WD-40 is the best thing to happen to the world even before sliced bread.
  3. Certain “adult-lit” novels could be improved dramatically with the addition of cable ties and duct tape.
  4. My name is incredibly hard to pronounce for anyone from the UK, US and Cork.
  5. The Ryder Cup should take priority over everything. EVERYTHING.
  6. David Walsh’s head is tougher than the average golf ball. Dan Versey tested this theory.
  7. Milk from the west of Ireland is the best.
  8. My new nicknames are batman and/or darling. I have no idea why. Although I’m quite fond of darling.
All in all a great day out. Comments and thoughts in the space below as usual. Take it handy folks.