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Arrived in Dublin airport to find Jenny, the Receptionist at Marco, had booked a flight for Paul Satck. Nice for him. I, on the other hand had a large box of electronics I wanted to bring to London. Eventually they accepted a Stack for a Satck and we were on our way. The expectant security drivel ensued but the precious cargo and I made it safely to London after a slight delay due to the Londonesque pea-souper fog which had covered north Dublin.


We arrived at Square Mile, we being Peter, Marco Engineer extraordinaire, and myself to find UKBC Champ Gwilym and son, Percy accompanying Anette and James. The boiler and dispense unit had made it safely with us.


James and Anette wanted to position the Über to facilitate cupping sessions as well as the usual brew tests, recipe formulation etc. The end of their counter has a mini cupboard unit which fitted the boiler perfectly underneath allowing the desktop dispenser  be ‘shared’ with both sides of their cupping counter. See the pics to know what I mean.

Regarding water – Square Mile’s water is an interesting profile, currently managed with an Everpure unit. We plumbed into the existing filter feed which brought temporary hardness (scale forming hardness) from 214ppm (12dH ºGerman) to 17ppm (1dH ºGerman). ‘I rather supersoft water than failed restrictors/solenoids’ says James. Total TDS was not measured on the day – James had previously measured it at 180 which is pretty good, while not being the ideal 150. peter-james-paul To work – counter location was located, holes holed, connections connected, and plumbing plumbed. The install took a little bit longer than it should have, being interrupted by too much chat, fantastic sandwiches, to-die-for savoury muffins and downright heavenly choccy-peanut swirls (all from a Taste of Bitter Love). We also had the usual oops-that-connection-is-leaking moment. Finally, the Über was ready for action. A quick tutorial with James and Anette and I was off. uber-chemex We have some interesting data on recovery/capacity/delivery which I’ll post when tabulated into readable form. We all know Über has some frustrating limitations and wondrous possibilities. I hope to post a blood and guts review of James’ and Anette’s findings before we go to Atlanta. I can’t think of anyone finer to deliver an informed forensic critique on the pros and cons of the Über in its current incarnation. James’ video of how it works is here: Videocast #5 – Introduction to the Uber Boiler from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.

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