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There has been a lot of really great feedback from the coffee community about what the barista would like in an Uber Boiler to accompany existing features – variable flow rate, variable dispersion, temperature volume presets et al. However, I don’t want to forget about tea. I find it quite extraordinary to find that Joe (and Paddy) Soap, from UK and Ireland, know for the most part less about tea than they do about coffee. Astonishing from nations one and two in tea consumption per capita world tables!



Earlier this year, I set myself a task to inform myself about tea. A little known, but enthusiastic barista named James Hoffmann  (bless him) pointed me to Teasmith for guidance. I followed the star and attended a Tea Masterclass hosted by John Kennedy in Teasmith’s premises in London. Pennies dropped, taste buds tingled. I left enlightened but acutely aware of my tea-ignorance (teagnorance?)


TeaSmith Exterior, Lamb St. London

I was not surprised to learn parallels between the speciality tea and coffee worlds. Origin, altitude, varietals, processing, tea dose to water ratio, brewing temperature, turbulence amongst others greatly influence tea quality. We were presented with white, green, oolong and pu-erh teas, all with defining characteristics and brewed differently to suit the type.



[caption id="attachment_158" align="alignleft" width="347" caption="At the TeaSmith MasterclassTeaSmith's lovely things"]At the TeaSmith Masterclass[/caption]                                  When the Uber bar at Caffe Culture shifted gear from being ‘wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if’ to a reality, I targeted John of Teasmith to join us on the Uber Bar and talk to anybody interested about speciality teas and to brew them as he wishes using the Uber Boiler. I am really delighted he is on board.

The UberProject remains just that, a project, whose aim is to establish what the Speciality  Coffees and Teas need in hot water delivery to reflect their greatness. Having James and Anette from Square Mile and John and Eiry from Teasmith onboard to man the Uber Boilers at Caffe Culture is really exciting. With Teasmith’s involvement I hope we can nudge the Uber closer to what TEA needs and not to what accountants and marketeers need – with apologies to all accountants and marketeers out there! Reduce your Teagnorance and come talk to John and Eiry at Caffe Culture.

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