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SP9 Finalist Number 3 – Full Court Press

Splurty, that fabled and oft talked about saviour of quality single cup filter coffee. Seen briefly in the wilds of Milan many years ago, here and then gone again like a will o’ the wisp.

We waited, searchers we sent, hunted high and low in the vain hope of catching sight of it again, nothing did we see. Oh there were rumors, the heralds spoke of attempts to recreate it, but then news faded until there was nothing….

Until now and the triumphant arrival of its offspring the SP9! Surely quality filter brewing by the cup is within our grasp! Onyx black but do not let its sturdy looks fool you, for they are such so as not to compete with the beauty of its brewing perfection. Function over form is the SP9 although it is not uncomely after its own fashion.

What other device promises such control of over the mystical variable of brewing, dispensing quality with such effortless precision? None I say, and I challenge you to gainsay my claim.

For surely the saviour of brewing is here, and its name is SP9.

Seriously though, we don’t do pour over because we were waiting for its arrival, can we have one please?

Author: Mat North

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