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Seoul Cafe Show

Our Korean partners Total F&B featured our kit on their stand at this years Seoul Cafe Show. We thought it might be an idea to post some information on the show along with some photos from the event.
The Seoul Cafe Show started in 2002 with a mission statement of vitalising and evolving the Korean and Asian Coffee
industry. It became the Biggest Coffee event in Asia and today includes teas, hot and cold beverages and desserts. The event is held in Seoul, the fast growing coffee consuming city in all of Asia and the centre of  the Asian Market.
They have expanded this year to include a coffee conference to in order to lay out the best possible program and know-how to make a coffee business  successful in Korea and throughout Asia.
The show has undergone something of an aesthetic and marketing facelift this year and they’ve really looked to push themselves into the list of the biggest trade shows in the world. Far from being a show focused on coffee the show has evolved to encompass much much more as can be seen within the brand new tag line:
Blossom your Taste, Connect your Partner, Grow your Business.
The main show website can be found here and our photos from the event (courtesy of Mr. Drewry Pearson) can be found on our facebook page here.
We’ll be posting an update on our new website project this week so keep an eye out for that. Thoughts as always in the space below.