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Ground Control To Major Paulllll…. Dear leader, here’s your agenda for Houston: 1. Uber Boiler 1.8 Software This is a bloody massive upgrade. The technical speak version is that we no longer fill the tank by continuous fill mode, now by heat fill mode, allowing us to no longer require a full tank for the user to actually start brewing. Instead of needing to bring the entire 6L tank up to prime temp, now the tank incrementally fills maintaing the temp, and the user can jump in when they need to. Version 1.9 is also just around the corner, with a Fahrenheit menu option and a low tank level warning. New Ubers will feature this version. Oh and we will be shortly instituting a free software upgrade programme for users of the current model Uber Boiler to the latest (1.9) software. 2. The Uber grinder is now UL listed. How nice. 3. The Ecosmart Undercounter range is launched (remember this?). Straddling the void between the Uber boiler and more tradition water towers. If you, for example, are filling Hario kettles from an Uber boiler this is probably what you want. Lots of volume, digital controls for temp and dispense, and pulse if necessary. Can be used manually or programmed. 4. Ecosmart countertop – now UL listed and with Fahrenheit display. Again like the undercounter it comes with portion control, pulse delivery, and temperature control up/down (ie it can take in cold water to drop the temp if necessary). 5. The EcoBoiler range are similarly available in undercounter and countertop versions. No programming malarky, just lots of hot water in a very energy efficient guise. That’s it – happy days. Have fun. Oh wait. One more thing… Boom goes the dynamite.

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