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The enemy I refer to is the Americano. Anybody who knows me will know I have very strong feelings about the value of an Americano as an alternative to a cup of ‘correctly’ brewed coffee. I think  the Americano is a very poor substitute. I presented a seminar on this subject at Caffe Culture 2007, the slides of which are here. Often requested, the Americanos served in the UK and Irish markets are for the most part an exercise in delivering a cup of inconsistent rubbish. Last Friday in Dublin at the Art of Coffee I stopped to grab a quick coffee, knowing there was a chance of a good experience as Ruslan, who is behind it, is a good guy and he uses coffees from the excellent Coffee Angel . Disappointed to find no filter on offer, I had a fine capp. While leaving, I noticed something that tickled my fancy. I was impressed to see a counter top font squeezed in between the espresso machine and grinder, used to dispense a fixed pre-set volume of water at a fixed temperature  as the base of a double-shot Americano. I was obviously pleased to see it as it is a Marco unit, but more so because of Ruslan’s positivity towards it. The unit ensured the Americanos he served were always consistent re. shot to water ratio and signifcantly increased his output at peak times as there was no water draw on the espresso machine. [caption id="attachment_433" align="alignleft" width="178" caption="10L under counter boiler feeds the counter top font"]10L under counter boiler feeds the counter top font[/caption]
[caption id="attachment_435" align="alignleft" width="226" caption="Squished between the Anfim and the Espresso machine is the font as seen from the customer's side"]Squished between the Anfim and the Espresso machine is the font as seen from the customer's side[/caption]
Apologies if this post sounds like a shameless plug! It was simply the first time I had seen anybody try to manage Americanos with anything approaching care. I must nod again to Karl at Coffee Angel, as he did it first. I might even buy one next time i’m in. Hmmm…unlikely…..actually,  erm……nah…..never!

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