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I believe quite a significant event took place in the speciality world last week which deserves recording and applauding. The newly formed World Coffee Events (WCE) had a Summit Meeting in Dublin on 17th and 18th January. WCE is a new body formed to deliver international competitions and other, as yet unknown, events. Amongst it’s canon are the following existing Championships: World Barista Championship. (WBC) Latte Art Championship Coffee and Good Spirits Championship Ibrik Championship Cup Tasters Championship Up to now, the WBC was run by a company with 8 board members, 4 from SCAA and 4 from SCAE, with each organisation owning 50%’ while the other competitions were run by the SCAE alone. The WCE will now run the WBC with its usual rigour under the excellent stewardship of Cindy Chang and also add the talent, knowledge and structure therin to run the other competitions. This can only improve the ‘fringe’ competitions. Also on the agenda was the planned addition of The Brewers Cup for 2011 – I had the pleasure to present the overview of this competition as circumstances dictated both Nick Cho and Marcus Boni, the competition’s main architects, were absent. This excites me enormously. Finally, the embryonic Roasters Championship was outlined which will make it’s debut in (maybe) 2012. I’m sure the existing and new competitions will all see tweaks or features which will please some and be abhorrent to others. Vive la difference and embrace the ideal. There were over 40 heavy hitting coffee professionals from all around the globe present, giving freely of their time and considerable experience to make the speciality coffee world better. They should be both thanked and applauded. I thank and applaud you.

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