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The Uber Project, encompassing the Uber Boiler, Grinder and related projects are intended to function as frequently upgraded, constantly improved, collaborative efforts between our R&D team and members of the coffee industry. That was the genesis of the project, and it is where would like to see its future remain. So on that basis, we want to redress a couple of parts of that “contract”.
  1. We want to give everyone who bought an Uber Boiler the opportunity to upgrade to the latest 1.10 software version for free.
  1. We want to engage with Uber users in identifying where the Uber Boiler succeeds and fails, and where users would like to see it go.
We’ve created a short survey, asking the kinds of question that would help explore the latter. In exchange for filling out this survey, you can have the former if you so wish. We will dispatch, free of charge an upgrade kit, featuring a board with the latest software and instructions. All that we ask is that you return the old board to us. So version 1.10 brings a lot of new features, especially to those of you on versions 1.7 or lower. The major change is how the tank refills or primes. On previous versions once you finished a dispense and returned to prime, the tank completely refilled in one go, and then you had to wait until that was all brought back to temperature. This could sometimes mean long delays, just when you wanted to go straight into a second brew. With the new software the tank instead incrementally refills, maintaining a temperature close to the set point, and importantly allows you to return to dispense at any time (so long as there is a minimum of 2L in the tank). There are a host of other smaller changes, things like a fahrenheit option, and a change to the setup menus to make them more intuitive, making boiler draining less of a chore. For now though, we want people to be able to get this if they should so want, but also to help us shape the future design. If you haven’t already been contacted regarding this by your local agent and would be interested, please drop us a mail to info [at] marco [dot] ie – or fill out the contact form above… or carrier pigeon. Carrier pigeon entries will be treated extra special.

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