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Once every two years, Dublin’s RDS hosts CATEX, Ireland’s biggest catering/food/beverage industry expo. It is an important event for us, and punctuates the year with a lot of focus in terms of production and R&D leading to this point. It was only two years ago, at the 2009 CATEX the Uber Boiler made its debut, alongside Mr Harmon’s first IBC victory. Time moves on, Mr Harmon, now retired, and we have new developments and products to bring to CATEX 2011, some of which we can announce here. The Uber Boiler values precision above all else. It allows you to choose a set temp in 0.1C increments because it can fulfill that promise. Precision is its primary objective. As such, in a way it is more of a lab tool, for cuppers and roasters and such, but it has been employed in cafes for not only delivering water at temperature to one cup brewing devices, but also for its customer interaction qualities and its aesthetic. At CATEX we are really proud to be launching the new series of Eco Boiler and Eco Smart undercounter units.
  • Think – +/- 1.5C control,
  • no need to boost/prime – always ready to go
  • same font as Uber (and alternate or custom fonts can be employed),
  • timed water dispense at the push of a button
  • repeatable volume, which can be set to follow a pulse program (eg for a 3minute V60 – incrementally add water over 3minutes)
The modus operandi of these units in contrast to the Uber is functionality and workflow in a cafe environment, while still maintaining a similar customer interaction point. This video which admittedly was hastily banged together a little while ago still illustrates the features quite well. Just to note, and I love this, the affectionate name for this system during development was Mr Slappy Head. Untitled from Paul Stack on Vimeo. Also at CATEX we are partnering with Cup Of Excellence to brew excellent coffees excellently. In a way it’s just great to have some awesome coffees from some awesome roasters on the stand. However, while a lot of speciality coffee people will have intimate knowledge of the Cup Of Excellence, in the Hotel / Restaurant / Catering sector – probably not so much. There is an opportunity at an event like this to highlight that coffee has this kind of category (and how to brew it properly). Big thanks to CoE and to Hasbean, Union, Twoday and Solberg & Hansen for their support!

We are also delighted that our good friends Rasmus and Magnus from Kaffemisjonen in Bergen will be helping us out on the stand with brewing these great coffees through a variety of one-cup brewing methods, and no doubt sharing their knowledge. So, we hope to see you in the RDS, 8th-10th February. Come see Mr Slappy Head, err I mean the Eco Boiler and Eco Smart Undercounter units, and have some great coffee! (and maybe have a sneaky peak at what’s next for the Uber… shhh).

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