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It is in the brewing

The hot beverage industry requires liquid to be heated.

Heating liquid consumes energy. Energy is expensive and getting more expensive all the time.

In general heating costs follow oil costs. These have been on a steady trajectory upward for quite some time.

Energy cost trends, recent recessionary pressures, corporate social responsibility and the oft nodded toward but ignored green agenda are now combining to see energy consumption in our industry become a more talked about subject. This is a good thing.

We have been banging on about energy consumption for quite some time with our Ecoboiler and Ecosmart ranges.

It is encouraging to see advancement by the SCAA on energy awareness in our industry with their Low Impact Cafe programme.

Kudos to them. If one is so inclined, deep within the links in that programme is a hint toward a direction we should all be looking. The cost of ownership of our equipment with energy consumption a key consideration. The Fisher-Nickel cost of ownership calculators are vey nice indeed. they allow a retailer to establish the real cost of ownership by inputting machine type and volume of water used. Below is a screenshot of the calculator linked above. It is for a dishwasher. It should exist for hot beverage equipment and we as an industry should make it happen. After all, the biggest percentage of energy consumption in the preparation of a cup of coffee or tea is not at the farm, processing plant or in transportation, it is in the brewing!