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Hotelympia – Putting the ympia back into Hotels

Trade show season continues in style this week with Hotelympia, a trade show that promises to deliver innovation to your hospitality business. As the premiere deliverers of innovation to hospitality businesses everywhere, Marco will be there. Oh yes, we will be there. We’ve decided to mix it up this year though. We feel rectangular booths have been done to death. So in true innovative style – TRIANGLE As you can see this new dynamic allows for 50% more handshaking, and 25% more elbow nudging than with a rectangular booth. Our brew bar will feature not only, delicious coffees (& Teas) and skilled baristas, but a newly skunkworked Pillar prototype. The Pillar you saw in HOST last year, featured only manual brewing wands, this version  also has an auto-brew arm – which can deliver a consistent volume of water over a programmed time through a sprayhead into any pourover device. The Pillar concept centrers around the idea of a constant head height being generated. This allows for a great deal of potential uses. In this case the auto-brew arm features a solenoid which can be programmed to open and close to a specific routine, and a ball valve to regulate flow (and the velocity/force of the spray). Because of the constant head-height the output is completely consistent. So you can put a Chemex (or other brewing device) underneath, press a button and walk away. Of course, under the counter driving the Pillar is a modified version of one of our Ecosmart Undercounter boilers – the full range with various font options will also be there for your oogling pleasure, along with the Mini Filtro Shuttle, and all our other innovations for your hospitality business. See you there.