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Our good friends the Baratzas recently sent us a full set of their grind profiles for us to geek out on. For each grinder they analysed settings at the finest, at the coarsest and at a median level. Some surprises, some things we very much expected. First up the Maestro.

In practice we found the Maestro to be an excellent filter grinder but incapable of grinding fine enough for espresso (others have confirmed this). The particle distribution shows an ok peak at 800um – filter grind. The peak at espresso grind – the bimodal peak in red on the face of it looks capable of espresso. On to the Virtuoso – we found the Virtuoso to be well capable of espresso and filter, though in our taste tests the Virtuoso was not as good at a filter grind – suggesting more fines perhaps.

The particle distribution suggests the Virtuoso has a better filter peak than the Maestro (contrary to our taste tests) – but it’s finest grind is not as fine as the Maestro – again contrary to our findings. If we didn’t know better we might think the two particle distributions were mixed up. The Vario – well no surprises here. The espresso profile is pretty similar to the Virtuoso. At filter level the peak is more spread and no longer unimodal. The Vario is not a great filter grinder, borne out by taste and distribution.

The Precisio has a peak similar to the Maestro at 800um (not as uniform as the Virtuoso) – but towards the really coarse end the Precisio displays a really excellent profile. Whether anyone would use this setting is debatable.

For interest sake – at 800um the 4 grinder and an Uber grinder thrown in for good measure:

Make of those what you will.

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While we are on the subject of Baratza – interesting to note their new Esatto system for weight based grinding was finally given a public airing yesterday. We are quite excited at the prospect. ┬áDetails for when these will make it to our shores to follow…

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