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Hot on the heels of Bogotá, barely time to catch out breath and Maastricht, the SCAE World of Coffee is upon us. There was a lot going in on Bogotá, and although there is nothing as big ticket as the WBC, there is even more going on in Maastricht. So here goes:

1. Brew Bar On Tour: The Brew Bar in Bogotá was a great success, hats off to all the volunteers, to Mike,Tyler, Chris, Lem and Brian (and Rusty!). Great coffees, importantly brewed well. The gauntlet has been laid down for Maastricht, and once the roasters who have kindly offered delicious coffees just leaves me in awe…

We’re bringing along our usual assortment of kit to make water hot, and make coffee beans broken. Gonna be fun!

2. Brewer’s Cup: The first World Brewer’s Cup takes place in Maastricht. We are sponsoring and supplying kit for the competition and could not be more excited. The first round is actually taking place on the Brew Bar on Wednesday (competitor number 1 – James Hoffmann), before moving off to the stage for the semis and finals on Thursday and Friday.

Gwan’ Keith!

3. Gold Cup Research: The Gold Cup Research which kicked off in Dublin in February makes its triumphant return in Maastricht. I urge anyone with a spare 5 minutes to get down to the booth and taste and rate 5 coffees.

There are lots of things happening simultaneously, so we must thank our friends who are helping us out. Emma Markland Webster is going to be cracking the whip on the Brew Bar. Amanda Webb, Tony Overbeek, Rob Smyth and Michael McLaughlin will be primarily staffing the Gold Cup booth.

Time to pack those bags again.

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