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Marco’s involvement with the World Aeropress Championship  goes back to 2010, to WBC London, where we hosted it at the Brew Bar. Last year at HOST we worked closer than ever with Tim Varney, to give the competition a space, in a year when it looked like there might be no WAC. We are excited, nay giddy to continue this support; support of a competition that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but ultimately rewards quality. This year we are sponsoring the UK Aeropress Championships, which take place Saturday 24th March, in Taylor St Baristas. The winner of the UK Aeropress Champs gets to go to Portland, to compete in this year’s World Aeropress Championships on our and La Marzocco’s (our US distributor) booth at SCAA!! The fly in the ointment, however, is this: there is no Irish Aeropress Championship. Who will represent Ireland in Portland? Right now, no one. So we propose the following: The Irish Aeropress Champs should be held in early April (in Marco). The winner should receive €1000 towards costs of flights and accomodation to Portland. We are asking that 4 companies put forward €250 to cover this. Marco will be company 1. 3 to go. 2 to go (thank you Hasbean). 1 to go (thank you CoffeeHit). 0 to go (thank you CoffeeAngel).