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CATEX 2013

Hello all. After a hectic week in the RDS it’s all over. CATEX 2013 has breezed through and left us in it’s wake. From Marco’s viewpoint it was an unqualified success. We had a very nice stand… We launched the BRU… We made good coffee (With help from Square Mile Coffee, Tim Wendelboe, Gosia our barista, Coffee Angel and 3FE) and got to chat with old and new friends…

And we all soaked our feet for several hours after three days of standing up…

No pictures of that though!

Paul was the host with the most for day 2 of the IBC:

Everyone was in great form for the 3 days. The atmosphere was electric for the IBC (Congratulations to this years winner Colin Harmon) and we kept everyone going with the very best filter coffee available.

I’ve already posted about the business side of things so here’s a couple of interesting “facts” that I picked up over the week. (Warning, “In-jokes” ahead)

  • Walking backwards with a large box in your hands over plastic stand covering is extremely inadvisable
  • My elbow is not nail proof
  • Ireland was built on purple snacks (Or schnacks depending on where you’re from)
  • Free ice-cream is the greatest thing in the history of mankind
  • Kimberleys should only be offered when Mikados are not available
  • Small electronic devices don’t like coffee
  • Ray Daly’s knees are made from titanium and adamantium
  • Exhibition DJs cannot be dissuaded from playing Hotel Yorba
  • Jump leads are an integral part of any stand manager’s kit.

So many thanks to everyone who made CATEX such a rousing success. We’ve got a stand at Gulfood this week of course and then it’s Eurogastro in Poland for us.