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A quick update re BREWHAHA. We will run 3 sessions per day, approx 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30, taking 3 competitors per session, if there is the demand of course. The Prize: New to Ireland and the UK, the renowned Baratza grinders are soon to be available from your friendly Micro-roaster/Coffee website. They will be on sale from next month sometime. For now the only way to get one in the British Isles is to get in the top 3 at the BrewHaha. The top three will also take home a hario brewer courtesy of Karl at Coffee Angel. Thanks also to Steve at Hasbean who is providing the coffee for the BREWHAHA free of charge. Remember, it is free to enter, 5Euro to have a go a 2nd time, 10Euro a third and so on, with all entry fees going to Coffeekids.

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