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The Brew Haha is designed as a fun ‘brew-off’ competition whereby excellent brewing practice will win the day.
brew haha jpeg
              This one has been ticking around my head for quite some time. The inspiring Rasmus Helgebostad of kaffemisjonen in Norway has been the key catalyst in bringing the Brew Haha to life, with an obvious nod to the World Aeropress Championship (WAC) which sprung from the loins of Tim Wendleboe. I don’t like the signature drink aspect of barista competitions, believing it to be superfluous and disconnected from the quality barista’s remit. Champion baristas (baristi, whatever) should be expert in brewed coffee. End of.  With this in mind, fuelled by a few beers, Rasmus and I kicked the idea around, going so far as to posit it to the SCAE to run with in London this year, maybe in conjunction with the WAC. Rasmus then actually put an e-mail to me outlining and refining our discussions. From that came the excellent SCAE Ireland’s agreement to run with it at this year’s IBC.  The idea is pretty simple. Anybody can enter on the day for free, needing no paraphernalia. They step up to the plate, armed only with knowledge, where everything is provided: coffee; grinder; brewer and of course, an Uber Boiler.  Their tasks – in 10 minutes complete 2 brews:
  1. Brew through a Hario V60 to hit 1.36% strength and 20% extraction, which will be verified with a Refractometer and Extract Mojo.
  2. Choose from the V-60, a Chemex, an Aeropress or a French Press and brew what you believe is a perfect cup, scored by the sensory judges.
How to score: 45% for brew one; 45% for brew 2 and 10% for flair/entertainment.  Here is a one pager with the rules.  And that’s it. Hopefully we will not fall on our faces! If you are around Third Floor Espresso (3FE) at the Twisted Pepper on 6-8th April, drop in and compete. The top three will get a nice prize, I promise.

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