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Marco is proud to host an SCAE Ireland event this coming Friday 12th October. John Thompson, Cup of Excellence Head Judge, will be running a FREE cupping of the very best lots from the Cup of Excellence selection of this year’s Rwandan and Burundian crops. Attendees will get to cup these fantastic coffees, run through a Cup of Excellence cupping form and understand a little more about the Cup of Excellence ethos. This is an excellent opportunity to understand more about a very laudable organisation. Here is a snippet from CoE’s website: The Cup of Excellence® program and trademark is owned and managed by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. (ACE) a US based non-profit organization…..The Cup of Excellence is the most esteemed award given out for top coffees. These awards come from a strict competition that selects the very best coffee produced in that country for that particular year. These winning coffees are chosen by a select group of national and international cuppers and are cupped at least five different times during the competition process. Only coffees that continuously score high enough are allowed to move forward in the competition. The final winners are awarded the prestigious Cup of Excellence® and sold to the highest bidder during an internet auction. Read more here. WHERE AND WHEN Friday October 12th from 10am to 2pm. Marco Beverage Systems. Google Map. HOW TO BOOK Just turning up is fine, but an email to and would be welcome to allow us cater for numbers correctly.