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The Über has gone down under, carefully chaperoned by 5Senses. The very fine folks at 5Senses kinda scare me. The incredible work they have done with Synesso in Oz is quite astounding. They really know what speciality coffee is about and their continuous crusade for coffee excellence is inspiring. [caption id="attachment_386" align="alignleft" width="436" caption="Uber Boiler driven by UKBC Runner Up Dale Harris at the 2010 Irish Championships (Photo courtesy of @DailySpud)"]Uber Boiler driven by UKBC Runner Up Dale HArris at Irish Championships (Photo courtesy of @DailySpud)[/caption] I first met Ben Bicknell of 5Senses in Atlanta at the WBC 2009, when Über was but a pup. He came back a few times to ask, probe and query this uber-thingy. When in Cologne for the Cup-Tasting and Latte Art Championships, Dean Gallagher came and played with the Über and the Extract Mojo on our booth. Over an enthusiastic talk at the show it was clear the good ship 5Senses was the steadiest vessel for Über in Oz.   Oz is the land of espresso excellence I’m told, quality brewed coffee being the Scarlet Pimpernel of the speciality world. Partnering the Über with the Abid Clever Dripper,  5Senses are bravely bringing excellence in brewed coffee to a heretofore filter coffee wasteland. (This amazing video is borrowed from David Walsh’s excellent blog)   Abid Clever Coffee Dripper from The Other Black Stuff on Vimeo. I fully expect and look forward to the incomparable Richard Muhl to dissect the Über and wreck our engineers’ heads as part of the Über Project’s evolutionary journey. Let the games begin.

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