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Marco and the Christmas Spirit

Hello everyone. Before you say it, yes we know it’s a bit early for the Santa having a coffee bit but this is all for a good cause.

Every year we try to help out in our communities and get into the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s giving a boiler to the DSPCA, donating to help St. Vincent de Paul continue their good work or helping community centres set up we always try to do our best for those in need. But there’s always likely to be something, somewhere that could use our help that we miss. 

With that in mind we’d like to turn things over to you. It’s a cold time of year so we’re going to try to warm things up a bit with tea, coffee and hot water. We’re going to give away water boilers to the best causes highlighted to us between now and the 8th of December.

Don’t worry about plumbing requirements or power, we’ll talk with whoever is getting the water boiler and we’ll make it work. All you have to do is email and tell us about the cause you think is deserving of a water boiler. We’ll go through the submissions on the 10th of December and get in touch with those we can help out. We’ll then deliver the water boiler between the 14th and the 17th of December, install it and spend some time wherever we are going to learn more about the good work being done. We might even bring sweets and/or cake.

We’ll post some pictures and information on our blog and social media to raise awareness of whatever the cause is thereafter. 

Community centres, charities, sports clubs, places of worship, schools, theatres, pop ups… It doesn’t matter. If they do good we want to know about it and we want to help.

If you don’t know of any yourself then share this post. We want this to go far and wide.