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We launched the Uber Boiler in Host in Milan, Italy this week. I will post separately about the UberProject’s experience at the show and how the machine was received. For now, let me update you on what we have changed/improved, following everybody’s feedback since UberProject went live: FOOTPRINT – With the universal desire for a narrower unit,we have combined all user information into one display in front of the operator, reducing counter-top width to 250mm. CALIBRATION – Calibration of temperature settings is now driven from the user interface on the counter panel. Previously it was a more engineer-led task to change parameters/settings. TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT – Operators can now see both the temperature in the main boiler body and the temperature at the dispense point and can toggle between both. Previously, we only displayed the top or pouring temperature. WEIGHING SCALES – The scales are now integrated into our own hardware/software, meaning we can calibrate the scale and manage data in future programmable units. Previously we used a Salter off-the shelf scales. POURING – We have changed dispense to a variable flow operated at the head for a more ergonomic experience. This was SCREAMED for. We have also added a toggle ‘joystick’ to direct flow, Again, this was widely requested. INSTALLATION -a rectangular cut-out of 190mm wide x 405mm deep is required on the counter-top. Previously comprising two units,  the Uber Boiler, now a self-contained unit drops in. Services – Water in/drain out and 230/240V power. BORING STUFF – It is now manufacturable by our production guys n’ gals – it was previously put-togetherable only by our R&D Engineers. Spec sheet with overall dims volume etc for the Uber Boiler is here. A sincere thanks to all of you who have contributed, criticized, critiqued and engaged in any way and most particularly to James and Anette in Square Mile and the Marco R&D geeks. I’m just back from HOST today. We will gather our thoughts on Uber production and lead times and I will post accordingly. Please continue to stay involved in the UberProject. It is probable everybody has seen this little video of the new Uber already, as James Hoffmann already posted it here. For those who haven’t, enjoy. THANK YOU. New Uber Boiler from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.